Star Product

Brand introduction

IPFS Ecological Construction Service Provider
IPFStar is a cutting-edge IPFS ecological construction service provider, committed to creating one-stop comprehensive services such as mining, cloud storage, and distributed network applications.
Internationalized high-tech innovative enterprise
At present, the packaging speed of IPFStar mining machine has been improved by more than 2 times on the official basis, which is at the leading level in the industry and is continuously optimized. In terms of hardware, the IPFStar mining machine is equipped with AMD CPU, and the hosting IDC room is a T3+ big data center, with three-way power supply and two-way network supply, which is safe and stable.
IPFS Ecological Construction Service Provider
IPFStar has developers and IDC computer rooms in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai of China, Silicon Valley of America, Ottawa of Canada, and is an international high-tech and innovative enterprise. It has deep experience in the design of multi-encryption algorithm chips, semiconductor storage of DRAM and 3D TLC NAND, optical storage, serial disk and M.2/M.3 long-term consumer storage.

Service Introduction

The core members of the team have many years of experience in the blockchain and Internet industries, and are committed to building a domestic first-class mining machine service provider.
Single machine strategy + cluster strategy
Super performance stand-alone
Computing/storage cluster
Customized service + comprehensive acceleration
Hardware customization + software customization
Hardware acceleration + software acceleration
Professional team operation and maintenance services
T4 level China
Overseas IDC computer room + 24-hour operation and maintenance